Nemesis Shade

The Nemesis Shade logo
Initial class diagram
Final class diagram
Game screenshot


Nemesis Shade was a game that I created for a class project in my first-year programming course at RIT. I served as the Architect as the project. Gretory Gonzalez served as the Project Lead, Emily Turner served as the Designer, and Robert Parillo served as the User Interface Designer.

As the Architect, I was responsible for creating the code structure of the project, as well as programming and designing the (very rudimentary) physics and collision engines that powered the game. In addition, I hosted the code repository for the project on my personal webserver, which also automated building binaries of the project.

About the Game

Nemesis Shade is a 2-dimensional platformer, created in MonoGame (a minimal game engine using C#). The goal of Nemesis Shade is to defeat two bosses and ascend the tower.

Nemesis Shade also includes a level editor, which can be used to craft custom levels and play them in-game. The level editor also includes functionality to upload levels to be saved on a server, so that others can download and play them.


The game is available as a Windows executable here.