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ILoveMP3s is a simplistic MP3 player, written in the LÖVE framework.

ILoveMP3s contains an assets folder, in which you can put several different albums containing MP3 files. For example, I have a folder for several soundtracks that I listen to while programming. The album.lua file is modified to choose what album you are listening to.

ILoveMP3s runs with a minimal footprint and user interface, and can be easily modified to use different keyboard commands. For example, I have a modified version that pauses/unpauses the music when I press the mute button on my headphones, allowing me to pause my music when away from my computer.

ILoveMP3s can also be compiled (with a program such as love-release) to distribute a copy of ILoveMP3s bundled with music as an executable.


The source code for ILoveMP3s is available on GitHub. LÖVE is available to download from ILoveMP3s should work with all versions of LLÖVE from 0.9 and up. Previous versions do not include the Luafilsystem module, but filenames can be manually included in main.lua.

Running the player is simple: create a folder in assets with your music (supported filetypes include .mp3, .ogg, and .wav). Edit album.lua to be return "(your folder name)", and run "love .".